Hata No Kokoro Online

Welcome to Hata No Kokoro Online! The Pre-Renewal server that brings in healthy changes from Renewal to enhance the experience!


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    Level: 99/ 70
    Ancient Myrmidon

  • War of Emperium

    Next castle is Bright Arbor
    Starting in

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Server Information

7x Exp, 35x Drops, 10x Mvp Drops, Pre-re, episode 13.2, 20 Level party/devo range,
Card Announcements, Card drop effect, Custom Downported Renewal content, custom touhou themed cards, Events, and lots of costumes!

  • 551 Accounts
  • 1367 Characters
  • 30 Guilds
  • 220 Parties

The server is primarily for English users only, it is hosted in Los Angeles, updates are fairly frequent, any feedback is encouraged. Please join us on discord for news and information, as well as party planning, trading, role play, funnies, and much more fun! Make sure to introduce yourself for entry!

Get Started

Download the client and get started for free! Install 7zip to extract, then use password "rage" to unzip.
You can login here to create your account today!